IntSpeaker is a very basic command-line program to sound your PC’s internal speaker.

It can be linked to various instant messaging, e-mail and various other programs.  All the other program needs to offer is the ability to run a command-line program when an event occurs, and pass over a few parameters.  The idea is that when certain things happen (such as receiving a new message), you can make the internal speaker play a short set of beeps to get your attention.

So why use the internal speaker?

  1. You’re probably not using it for anything else, apart from the beep your PC makes on start-up.
  2. It will always sound the same regardless of the PC’s volume or mute status (or even if you have your regular speakers unplugged)!
  3. Important notifications are more likely to get your attention, as the sound is coming from an unusual location and sounds different.

IntSpeaker is tiny (24KB), does not run in the background (except when it is playing sounds), and has been designed to be as easy to use as possible.  A short guide (Instruct.htm) is included in the .zip file.

Note: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 now use the default sound device for the system beep. You can override this behaviour and restore functionality with a third-party beep.sys driver. Be careful installing third-party drivers on your system. (25.3KiB)