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Like on many portable devices with custom operating systems, Android runs on top of Linux. Apps run as separate users, and have very limited visibility to Linux’s underlying pseudo-filesystem. You may have heard of ‘container’ software on desktop systems, such … Continue reading

Legitimate copies of Cub3D available online have had the APK file digitally signed by Google. However, to validate your copy of Cub3D is an unmodified copy of the original, verify the checksum below:   3.4.2 (ARMv7a version) SHA1: BDD5A80DCB9552E9456FDD5186F7962AA297AA99 SHA256: … Continue reading

Cub3D main features: Python 3.6 and 2.7 interpreters, customised for, and programmable within, Cub3D. The Panda3D engine at the core, built for Android! Write mobile applets that run on desktop machines too! Bullet, ODE and Panda physics, for soft and … Continue reading