ArcView 3.x Extensions

These are the more major extensions I have written for ArcView 3.x. They are all cross-platform compatible; running on Windows, Unix, Mac OS and even Solaris:

MicroScan Screenshot
MicroScan running on ESRI’s ArcView GIS 3.2a

ArcView 3 is still used to this day because it has incredibly fast spatial querying capabilities.  For example, theme-on-theme (effectively geographical cross-table) spatial queries can be over 100 times faster than the modern equivalent, saving days on large projects.

MicroScanAn integrated image browser and viewer, for linking geographical data to images in ArcView 3.
  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • Featured at the GeoSolutions 2002 seminar in London.
  • Featured at the Location 2003 seminar.
  • Used by various local authorities across the UK.
  • Totally native -- no extra libraries or software needed!
AutoSnapperSnaps data on a layer to another layer.
  • Works on huge datasets with millions of vertices.
  • Very quick -- can locate and adjust over 100 vertices a second on an average speed PC.
  • Can 'follow' lines within a specified tolerance.
MapScan for ArcView 3.xA raster (image) dataset handler.
  • Easily create a grid representing your images rather than opening them all and having to wait.
  • Creates files that can also be opened as an image catalog.
  • Works with overlapping images that would normally obscure each other.
  • Handles thousands of images.
ArccelerateSubstantially speeds up ArcView's default rendering on modern PCs and sets up spatial indices for shapefiles that do not have them.
AutoCleanserEvaluates and removes unnecessary vertices from snapped data, without changing the actual shape of the polygon/polylines.
AutoAOISets area-of-interest for the view as you move around. Uses zones to avoid unnecessary redraws.
BoomBreaks up selected multi-part shapes into single shapes with a single click. Preserves all tabular data.
DynaLabelAutomatically labels objects in the view as you move around. Has configurable options, including fonts and zoom levels.
EdgeMismatchFinds slight data mismatches across tile boundaries, where two or more people have worked on a project.
ImageMoverRegistered an image slightly inaccurately? Simply drag an image to move it.
JunctionFindLocates road junctions on line data, and flags them with points.
PolyPercentWorks out what percentage of a polygon matches an underlying shape.
SmartFindFinds words that are geometrically 'close' in mapping data to help quickly find locations that would otherwise take a very long time to locate. For example, if you wanted to find where the notoriously common 'High Street' and 'London Road' meet, you would type 'High Street London Road' and select 250 metres. All the results are shown for you to check through quickly.
VertSimReporterProvides a report based on how many of a theme's vertices match overlapping shapes.

SmartFind Screenshot

AutoSnapper Screenshot

ArcView 3.x Extra Scripts

These are basic-to-medium complexity scripts I have written to extend ArcView’s functionality within an office environment.

BufferTrickCreate predefined buffers with a single mouse click.
CopyDownPopulates empty entries in a table based on the entry above. Saves entering data multiple times.
FindGapsFinds and flags small gaps within data inconsistencies.
ImageLibCreates ArcView image catalogs simply by selecting files.
SelectDuplicatesSelects all the duplicate records within tables.
UniqueIDCreates a unique ID that restarts based on another field's value.
MatchOtherTableAdds cross-table query support to ArcView 3.
QuickGridQuickly creates massive grids that cover data.
AOIOnKeypressChanges the area of interest for ArcInfo libraries to the current view, when you press a key (such as F9).
Auto Co-ordAllows you to click on two edges of polygons to insert start/end X/Y co-ordinates. Mostly used for roads. Animates when clicked to show the user the snapped point (where the figures were taken from).
DualTableCopyCopy values in a table, based on another common value.
EarlyYearFinds the earliest instance of planning applications within a database.
GoToCo-OrdSwitches the view to entered X/Y co-ordinates (very simple, but surprisingly not in ArcView)!
FastLoadInterrogates folders faster than the default 'Add Theme' folder browser.
OutOfOrderSelSelects table entries that do not follow an ordered pattern.
PointsWith1LineSelects all points that touch only one line. Useful to find missing road start/end markers.
PointsWithinDistanceFinds and selects all points that have another point within a specified distance.
RegistrationQualityCheckerA quality checking tool to quickly switch through, and zoom to the extents of registered images.
SelectContainFinds records that have a selection of different characters within (without having to do multiple queries).
SelectedNumGives a real-time report of the number of selected objects.
ZoomToScaleAllows tools to be defined that switch to common zoom levels.
DateMatchLocates dates that match within a date-formatted table and copies across other information.

Note: I cannot sell or offer these products. I wrote them, but I do not hold the copyright. They are here to showcase my capability for a future employer only.