IRIS Suite

IRIS is a full document management solution that I wrote for a previous employer.  It incorporates an image viewer with many analysis features, the fastest possible scanning software, and many other unique tools you usually do not find in other packages.  It can be linked to other products and databases quickly and easily.

IRIS-view Screenshot
Screenshot of IRIS-view (used with permission)

Here is a list of the products within the IRIS suite, and each of the program’s functions:

IRIS-viewComprehensive document viewing and analysis software.
  • Measure real-world distances, areas and volumes of irregular shapes automatically and accurately. Simply use the scale and the image's properties are worked out for you -- no setting up or complex vector math to do! Works with most metric and imperial formats. Manual calibration also available if necessary.
  • Measure angles, e.g. to see if objects intersect a field of view from a specific position.
  • Trainable and accurate integrated optical character recognition.
  • Multiple users can annotate images on separate layers, without altering the original files.
  • Associate types with images and filter by them.
  • Programmable cost and fee calculator.
  • Optimised thumbnail browser can handle tens of thousands of files in a folder with almost no slowdown.
  • Uses my own custom indexing algorithm for searching through millions of files in less than a second.
  • Various features are unlockable using licence keys.
  • Fast, compact and automatic Nullsoft installer.
IRIS-scanUltra-fast scanning software.
  • Keeps the scanner moving at its fastest using propitiatory drivers and scan-ahead technology -- does not pause between scans like most software written on TWAIN drivers.
  • Easy-to-use programmable 'Key Binder' for defining scanner functions to keys.
  • Filename modifier shortcuts to eliminate wasted time typing.
  • No complex database system to worry about.
  • Supports continuation (and even insertion) of multi-page images or single-page folders of files.
  • Efficient on filesize -- can combine JPEGs, TIFFs and others in one folder.
IRIS-multitiffBatch-combines multiple folders of TIFF files together into Multi-Page TIFFs.
  • Can combine multiple TIFF compression types into a single file. Works with thousands of CCITT Group 4, Packbits, ZIP, LZW, embedded-JPEG and more.
  • Can create files that exceed available RAM.
  • User-friendly batch system with little setting up required.
  • Extremely fast!
IRIS-qcFor checking scan quality, should it be needed.
IRIS-qc prepAnalyses and removes blank pages with uncanny accuracy, and re-compresses images to smaller sizes.
IRIS-indexerAllows categorising of files. Later integrated into IRIS-view with multiple selections and ranges.
IRIS-view for MapInfoLinks IRIS-view to MapInfo using a native MapBasic Tool so you can select map objects and retrieve documents associated with them.
IRIS-view for ArcGISAn extension to link IRIS-view to ArcGIS Versions 8.x - 10.x.

IRIS-scan Screenshot

IRIS-multitiff Screenshot

Note: I cannot sell or offer these products. I wrote them, but I do not hold the copyright. They are here to showcase my capability for a future employer only.