3D/VR Dev

Here is a selection of some of my 3D and Virtual Reality development work.

Please click any of the links to see screenshots, and more about that entry:

Category / LinkDescription
VR TrainingOne of the most advanced Virtual Reality training tools around. Spawn, network, and use PCs as though you were standing in front of them!
3D TreemapsView Treemaps in a true 3D environment. Explore storage and disk usage in a way you never have before!
Entropy DiagramsView binary code in a 3D environment and eaily see where compressed or random data is contained.
OpenStreetMapView OpenStreetMap in 3D. See dynamically constructed buildings and trees get built as you move around!
Procedural WorldsGenerate 3D worlds you can really navigate using nothing but a random number generator and a set of models!
Internet Protocol BlocksView and analyse IP blocks for active traffic, and learn about CIDR and Subnet Masks.
Realtime GraphingView various forms of graphing data in realtime 3D.
Aircraft VisualiserVisualise aircraft flight paths across the world in realtime 3D.
Realtime PhysicsDemonstrations of modified physics environments, with projected shadows, enhanced lighting, and other interesting effects.