Mobile Apps (Recommended Viewing) — Commercial, complex mobile apps I developed and completed in the recent past, available on the Android Play Store.

3D & VR Development — Programming Virtual Reality for professional environments; used for training and data visualisation.

Mapping Software — A list of programs based on digital mapping, some of which were used nationwide, and featured at public events.

Data Centre Projects — Tasks I worked on at Data Centres, showing examples of software in large-scale environments.

Productivity Tools — Tools and utilities to improve productivity in a working environment.

Freeware & FOSS — Download free programs and source code written or ported by myself.

Mods / Fixes — Patches or information on how to fix certain issues with embedded devices, and other hardware or software.

About — Some information on this website and me.

Hire Me! — I currently am looking for a job, which is why this website is here! Do you have one I can do?

Contact — Get in touch with me.