MapInfo Tools

These are a selection of tools that I wrote for MapInfo Professional.

Some of the tools are extremely powerful, and offer features you do not see in MapInfo itself, such as the ability to batch-combine layers, drag images to new locations, or even simpler things like multiple ‘previous views’. They are shown here with permission:

Combine Layers Screenshot
Combine Layers (DI) running on Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo

MIMacroA feature-packed macro builder for MapInfo.
  • Very easy to use -- only basic-medium MapInfo skills are required. Even a one-command macro can do things like saving all open tables, running queries on tables or updating columns. Just follow the dialogs and watch it happen!
  • Far more powerful than the Macro builder in Access -- allows you to create macros that have loops and pick up various items from multiple objects (table names, row entries and more).
  • Various pre-designed dialogs are provided to allow users to select the objects they wish to use for your macro (if you want them to). For example, you might want to allow a user to pick between a selection of tables.
  • Automate and combine most MapInfo functions (queries, updates, table saving/closing/opening, creating browser/mapper windows, and so on) into just one macro or several.
  • Macros appear in MapInfo's menu bar for quick access, with the name of your choice.
  • Create, edit, and refine more complex macros as your experience with the builder grows.
  • Export and share your macros with your colleagues.
  • There is no need to learn MapBasic or create any complex MapBasic programs, but you can use inline MapBasic too if you like!
Quick CaptureUltra-fast capture for MapInfo -- no tracing involved.
  • Enables manual creation of BLPU and other data by simply 'swiping' the mouse over land, properties, garages and other entities.
  • No tracing required in many cases -- capture data as much as 50% faster than you ordinarily would.
  • Perfect vertex matching.
  • More complex BLPUs are supported with usage of simple modifier keys.
  • Adds an extra feature -- an additional 'proper' marquee select tool that can touch all parts of an object instead of just working on objects' centroids.
Image MoverAllows you to drag and move registered images in MapInfo.
  • Registered an image and found it's slightly inaccurate in some places? Why bother re-registering it when you can just drag it to new locations and watch it move? This feature is no longer just limited to ArcView and ArcGIS!
  • Does not mess with the original table.
  • Contains an 'undo' feature to put the image back where it originally was.
Combine Layers DIAutomatically combine tables correctly with different structures!
  • Has a review function to show you any found differences.
  • Will correctly merge tables that have a random order (MapInfo simply merges columns sequentially).
  • You can add an optional layer field to the table so you can identify where the data came from.
PAI CompareCompares shifted and unshifted PAI data.
  • Isolate shapes within separate views to see all the differences.
  • Automatically update other PAI shifted objects to match where you made a manual change.
Previous ViewGo back more than just one view in MapInfo.
  • Uses packed data and circular buffering to ensure low memory usage, and no slowdown.
  • Works properly with multiple synchronised views.
  • Go back (or forward) up to 1000 times instead of just 1!
Object SwapperExchange an object for another in a different table.
  • Swap a chosen object for another, where a table column matches.
Object ReplacerCopy objects and then paste them 'over' other selected objects.
  • Automatically combines multiple objects.
  • Can paste the result into multiple destination objects too.
DCEAn entire environment for checking produced data.
  • Easily identify each column in a table's row to show if it has been input correctly or not.
  • Validate the object itself too.
  • Remotely communicates with and controls MapInfo -- so you can keep all the tools you are used to.
  • Choose a random percentage of records (checked or unchecked), pick some out yourself using SQL or selections, or just check everything.
  • Multiple session resume feature.
  • See a summary of the quality as you go along.
  • Get a full report on the results afterwards.
  • One of the very rare few MapInfo programs that has a true multi-tasking interface!
InvuLinkEnables most web browsers to control MapInfo.
  • Sets up a custom protocol handler, so any web-based application can perform queries in MapInfo.
  • Automated Nullsoft installer included.
TWirledConverts ArcView/ArcGIS world files into MapInfo tables in batch.
CalcAngleCalculates angles of lines relating to other objects.
SyncFastSynchronises view panes without having to wait for entire redraws each time you pan.
QueryCapMapInfo has a tendency to produce hundreds of query tables. This tool keeps track of unused and unnamed query tables and closes them if necessary.
DI ShortcutsProvides quick access single-keypress shortcuts for nearly every regularly-used tool in MapInfo. No need to hold Alt, Ctrl or Shift.

Note: I cannot sell or offer these products. I wrote them, but I do not hold the copyright. They are here to showcase my capability for a future employer only.