Hire Me!

I’m currently looking for work in the Hampshire, West Sussex or Surrey regions of the UK.

I have a broad range of skills and will take on any form of work. However, I have 20 years working experience in:

  • Software Development
  • Head of IT / Technician roles
  • Computer Science
  • Research & Development

This website was set up with the sole purpose of finding me a job – which should give an indication of how hard I work!

My skills and experience are listed below. Click a category to expand:

Programming (software development) is a big interest of mine:

Other computer-related skills:

I can train a selection of specialist certifications:

Here is a list of reasons why you might want to pick me over the next person:

I’ve worked as a member of several fantastic teams, where I’ve always learned a lot more than I ever thought possible — you are welcome to contact my previous employers to see how I progressed. Screenshots of work I did have been made available on this site. Prior to this I was almost entirely self-taught; since primary and secondary school I have received special awards for contributing to teaching. I also wrote Admin tools and a program for a tutor (route planning) at college.

I often come up with business ideas, and several are programming related. About 50 of the ~90 programs I wrote in my previous companies were my own ideas to help the business grow and stay ahead of the competition. Why not have a look at a few creations?

Get in touch if you are interested!