MS Access/Excel Tools

MDB Merge Screenshot

MDB MergeMerges multiple Access (.mdb format) databases together and automatically appends tables within.
  • Verifies all the tables and lists any inconsistencies (with length, type or name) before merging/converting the data, along with the action the program will take.
  • Adds in source fields to track which database and table the row came from.
MS Access FunctionsExtends the native Access query builder to support many more query and update functions (e.g. word counting). Adds 'Forms' support for image loading, panning, and zooming within the Access database environment, to make it easy for users to add active image content.
Address from LLPGAutomatically constructs properly formatted, human-readable and easily searched addresses from LLPG data.
Data CompareAn integrated graphical interface for Access that can compare one table to another on a per-word basis, to check that dual-entered data has been input correctly. Compare automatically flags any rows that do not match.
Batch DBF ExtractAdds multi-worksheet DBF export functionality to Excel.

Note: I cannot sell or offer these products. I wrote them, but I do not hold the copyright. They are here to showcase my capability for a future employer only.