CutWarn Screenshot (Connection Tab) (166KiB)

CutWarn was designed to solve an age-old problem — the 2-hour time limit on dial-up ISPs, and the resulting sudden cut-off that could so easily catch you out!

There was nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a conversation with someone — and then you hear the modem go ‘click’ and find you have been disconnected because you hit the 2-hour limit!

Obviously nowadays with broadband this is less of a problem, but CutWarn is still available for those who need it!

Please note that with modern systems any external connection will ‘count’ as an Internet connection.

CutWarn has various configurable alerts to make the 2-hour cut-off as hassle-free as possible:

CutWarn Screenshot (Alerts Tab)

It will stop you from being kicked off because you’ve left the computer alone for 10 minutes, and it’ll redial the modem for you when you do eventually get disconnected:

CutWarn Screenshot (KeepAlive Tab)

If you minimise CutWarn, it can sit in an Internet Café-style taskbar window, or in the notification area, with a mini-pie chart filling up with the more time you use:

CutWarn Screenshot (Taskbar Timer)

CutWarn Screenshot (Notification Icon)

Finally, if you’re getting very low on time, CutWarn can pop up to tell you to ‘get ready’ for the impending disconnection:

CutWarn Screenshot (Cutoff Warner)