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About this Website

The site itself was written at home on a Windows Server PC running web-based software including Apache and PHP.  It took around a day to set up a suitable server, and a couple of weeks to put the site together and write all the initial content.

The site was then uploaded to the web host along with the MySQL database.  Any changes necessary to get the site online were made.  It currently is running on a Content Management System (CMS) rather than editing files to make changes; this is so new content can be added extremely quickly and layout is guaranteed to be consistent across pages.

The icons used on the homepage are free, as are most of the graphics used!  You can get hold of them for your own webpages at IconsPedia.

My Background

I have been programming since the age of about 7 years old; I started on a BBC Micro at school using Logotron where I experimented with loops and drawing patterns.  After a very short time I was already writing programs that utilised serial (RS232) communications and was experimenting with more advanced things.

Programming has always been a hobby of mine since an early age.  I also write software for business use when it is required.  Some notable early programs I wrote include:

  • An entire GUI (Graphical User Interface) environment for the Amstrad CPC computers.  This was written from the ground up over one year (aged 15-16).  The code was in BASIC 1.1, with some Z80 hand-assembled machine code for the faster drawing routines.
  • A graphical drawing package, which took about 6 months (aged 14-15).

I enjoy helping others and was able to get my Dad started on how to use basic tools and enough HTML to create a website showcasing my Mum’s artwork and ceramics.  The site is written from the ground up.  You can view their combined efforts on the G-Art Website.

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